Wod 3 & 4

FTD19 Individual Announcement

WOD #3


By FitAid


Elite version

Workout 3 will have two scores : Workout 3A and Workout 3B
Le Workout 3 comportera deux scores : Workout 3A et Workout 3B

On a 16 minute clock
Sur une horloge de 16 minutes

0-3’ 1RM Snatch - 3A
3-13’ 150 Burpees over the bar for time - 3B
13-16’ 3RM touch and go Snatch - 3A

Workout 3A = 1RM Snatch + 3RM Snatch (en KG, in KG) - 3RM / 5RM for the Scaled category
Workout 3B = time on your timer - temps indiqué sur le chronomètre
3B includes the 3’ and the time taken to complete the burpees
3B inclus les 3’ plus le temps pris pour les burpees

WOD #4


By Pur-Vitae

purv (1)

For Time - Elite Version

Time Cap : 20 minutes

2,000m Row
100 Wall Balls
30 Muscle-Ups

Get your customised timer on WeTime app
Submit: 01/05 8PM French Time

Other categories, please check the description and scorecard for all the info.
Autres catégories, vérifiez la description et feuille de score pour toutes les infos

Week 2 - WOD 3 A/B FTD2019


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