FTD, 10 years already – Athlete profiles Episode 1 – Virginie Rousseau

Today we introduce you to Virginie Rousseau, a French athlete who, since 2013, has been present every year at the French Throwdown Grand Final.

An athlete present since the beginning of the FTD

My first participation goes back to 2013, at the INSEP at the time. For the beginnings of CrossFit in France, the French was “the tournament to be part of”. This year, if I manage to qualify (because it’s getting harder and harder), it will be my 9th edition.

The one and only reason why I continue to register is that for me, the French remains “THE'” tournament even after so many years. As if being at the French meant still being in the family of French CrossFit athletes. And then my affection for the staff. I find Daniel, Elie, Nasser, François, David, Azad, Julian and all the friends from the Care, Build and Judge teams. Everyone is really caring.

Her funniest anecdote

French final in 2017 at Charlety. I was in 6th place before the final and the cut was at 5. One of the finalists withdrew due to back pain. I found myself dropped into the final and what a final it was! Three WODs in a row, and all spicy ones like all the French finals! The second WOD included rope climbs but almost legless because the ropes only started at about 1.20m from the ground. What the hell! My grip is shredded from the previous WOD, I take a “little” break to do the rope climb and then my husband, who is in the audience and filming me, yells at me “come on, move it baby, let’s go!”. I turn to him and show him the finger as if to say politely “Please damn yourself! Do this rope climb for me if you think I’m slow”. Except that I was filmed at the time and the audience burst out laughing! I couldn’t take it anymore, 2 days of overwhelming intensity and heat, WODs each more disgusting than the last and an emotional lift worthy of a rollercoaster with this surprise place in the final!

Her best memory of the French Throwdown

I have so many! If I think about it and select one, I would probably say the opening ceremony of the French in 2022. All the athletes, all the staff, and the military gathered in the middle of the Dome of the Saint-Quentin velodrome and our anthem sung wonderfully. A moment of intense emotion, I could not hold back my tears. The close link between CrossFit and the notion of homeland is an important value for me. A beautiful meeting of brave people who celebrate fitness together.

Last year, Virginie Rousseau came in 8th place in Master 45-49 Women category.


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