The qualifications for the French Throwdown start in one month!

This year again, you have been able to rub shoulders with the athletes of the Games for three weeks thanks to the WODs of the Open, the first phase of the CrossFit Games season.

If you are one of the qualifiers for the quarterfinals, you will have the chance to enjoy a few more days of the special atmosphere created by the qualifying WODs.

Are you afraid that you will miss this atmosphere? Don’t worry, the qualifications for the tenth edition of the French Throwdown are approaching. For the occasion, we would like to share with you the 10 good reasons to register for the FTD qualifications:

  1. Get your ticket to the final
  2. Participate in the 10th anniversary of the French Throwdown
  3. Attempt to qualify for Strength In Depth at the same time as FTD
  4. Perform the same WODs as your favorite athlete
  5. Support the “Aladdin 1 000 & 1 rêves d’enfants” association
  6. Have a great time with the community
  7. To be able to yell at your coach
  8. Sweat with your friends who are also trying to qualify
  9. Making memories
  10. Making history

No matter what your age or level, no matter if you prefer to play solo or with a team, you will find the category (lien interne) that suits you. Try your luck to be part of the 820 athletes who will take part in the biggest CrossFit competition in France and in Europe.

And you, what is your good reason?


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