LDLC Arena Lyon-Décines, the venue for the French Throwdown 2024

Welcome to the LDLC Arena in Lyon, the pulsating epicenter of the French Throwdown 2024. Nestled in the heart of the city, this iconic arena offers an unparalleled experience for CrossFit enthusiasts and sports competition aficionados.

Impressive in its modern stature, the LDLC Arena stands proudly, ready to host the elite athletes of the French Throwdown and eager spectators for three days of intense competition. With its world-class facilities, this arena creates an electric atmosphere, conducive to the emergence of exceptional performances.

The stands, designed to provide panoramic views of the action, create a captivating ambiance where the crowd’s energy blends with athletic prowess. Every movement, every effort, will be felt by the 10 000 spectators in this arena that vibrates to the rhythm of CrossFit.

Beyond the fiery competitions, the LDLC Arena offers a variety of amenities to make your experience even more memorable. From dining spaces to relaxation facilities, to dedicated areas for the CrossFit community, this venue goes beyond being just a sports arena. It’s a gathering place, a space for sharing, and a venue for celebration.

Whether you’re a devoted CrossFit enthusiast or simply curious to explore this dynamic discipline, the LDLC Arena promises you an immersive and unforgettable experience. Join us for the French Throwdown 2024 and dive into the thrilling world of competition, where the passion for sport and community spirit converge in a truly exceptional venue. Come live the action, feel the adrenaline, and witness the spectacular moments that make CrossFit an unparalleled adventure. The LDLC Arena in Lyon awaits you for a sporting celebration that will be etched in your memory.


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