FTD, 10 years already – Volunteer profiles Episode 3 – Sabine

Team Shepherd: Sabine

Since 2016, Sabine has been loyal to the FTD, she has not missed a single edition of the French Throwdown.

A true enthusiast

Since 2016, Sabine has been loyal to the FTD, she has not missed a single edition of the French Throwdown. At the beginning, it was the curiosity to discover the backstage of a prestigious CrossFit competition that motivated me.

In May 2016, I suffered a ligament injury but there was no question of missing the event. A few days before my operation, I came with my brace that you could hear creaking at 100m in the corridors of the INSEP, so classy!

The birth of the Shepherd team

At the time, it was usual for CrossFit competitions to finish 1 or 2 hours late, which bothered Daniel and Julian, for whom punctuality at the Sunday evening cocktail party was sacred… Well, that’s the only valid reason I can think of!

So, they asked some volunteers from the “Care” team to accompany and guide the athletes during the competition and to do their best to make sure they were on time for their WOD starts.

In 2016, the FTD finished “only” half an hour late. The “Berger” team was born. I was very lucky to be part of this birth.

Over the years, the Shepherd team’s organization has become sharper. With the incredible motivation of its shepherds, it allows the competition to be synchronized to the minute, and often to a few seconds!

A real team effort

The timing is often tight and I really enjoy the pressure and the unexpected which adds spice to life. All our mistakes are a source of improvement and I love my team’s brainstorming sessions.

We find solutions together. We improve our work together, everyone offers their perspective and enriches the team with their ideas.

Is volunteering an addiction?

I come back every year because I have become addicted to the unique group spirit of the French Throwdown.

The first year, I was so intimidated by all these athletes, each one more trained and efficient than the other, that I hid myself under my cap.

Now, I am so happy to see the regulars and newbies (competitors and volunteers alike) of the FTD year after year that I no longer have my hat, it hides my vision.

Every year I feel that the emotion of the competition is stronger than the year before. The French Throwdown is better than drugs!


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