They prepare the FTD23 qualifications – Episode 1

They will try to qualify for the final of the French Throwdown 2023, and you?

The French champion of the year 2022 returns once again for the French Throwdown. She was the showstopper last year when the qualifying WODs 3, 4 and 5 were announced alongside Metty Greneron at CrossFit Louvre 3, and she will be trying to get her ticket to the FTD Grand Final once again.

Marie Robin is a regular competitor in big CrossFit events and her list of achievements is growing every year. She will be a formidable opponent in the qualifying rounds at FTD23. The proof is in the pudding, Marie qualified for the semi-finals of the CrossFit Games last year.

If you watched the French Throwdown 2022, then the name Luka Dukic is certainly familiar to you. And for good reason, he finished in third place at the competition with 1 event win and 6 top 6 finishes.

Luka Dukic is one of the most fit men in Serbia (2nd in 2022 and 2021, 1st in 2020) with a participation in CrossFit Games to his credit. In 2023, he gives us the honor of trying once again to win his place in the final.

Who will succeed in qualifying? To find out, go from April 14 to 27, 2023 during the online qualifications.


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