They prepare the FTD23 qualifications – Episode 5

They will try to qualify for the final of the French Throwdown 2023, and you?

Claudia Gluck is undoubtedly one of the fittest women in France. For a few years now, she has been making a name for herself thanks to her performances. We can talk about her semi-final in 2022 during the Lowlands Throwdown, a qualifying competition for the Nobull CrossFit Games in which she finished 10th. If we want to be chauvinistic, we can talk about her 4th place in the French Throwdown 2022. She impressed us on the chipper by carrying the event with a 45 second lead over Elena Carratala. Last year, she managed to place 5 times in the top 5.

Kealan Henry had made a name in the CrossFit community by showing a pretty impressive before and after of him. In 2017, he described himself as overweight and unhealthy. In 2022, he became the fittest man in South Africa and managed to get his ticket to the Nobull CrossFit Games.

We have not yet had the chance to see him perform at the French Throwdown. Will 2023 be his first appearance at the FTD finals?

To find out, go from April 14 to 27, 2023 during the online qualifications.


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